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I coach women who are ready to manifest a Divine Love Relationship and become a Love Leader


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I will dedicate myself to you and your new love story.

Let's Transform your Love Life, shall we?

From suffering for love to Magnet of Love.

I teach you how to be empowered in love, heal wounds from the past that don't allow you to attract, express and receive love. 

Be successful in love!

You are ready for this. 

You are ready to become a Leader of Love in the World!

Manifest the Love Relationship You Want!

In this digital course:

  • You will identify the patterns that you repeated in previous relationships that led to the breakup

  • You will define the lifestyle you want with your ideal partner

  • You will recognize that it prevents you from attracting love into your life

  • You will learn what you want and what you do NOT want in a relationship

  • You will know the steps to follow to attract your ideal Love Relationship

  • And much more!!

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  • You are serious about transforming your love and your life in general

  • You are ready to heal your love story and create a new one that allows you to receive unconditional love

  • You are willing to do the inner and outer work, stretching out of your comfort zone to grow and expand into the Leader of Love you know you were born to be

  • You are available to receive support and you are willing to invest physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially

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About me

Hello I am Love Coach Alessandra,

My story as a love coach started as a child, however I did not put it into practice until I went through a divorce, because it was precisely at that moment that I realized that I had never experienced a Unconditional Love Relationship in my life, and at the same time I realized that I lived a lie about love.


These two truths that I had to face led me to make a decision that changed the course of my life. I decided that I would never again engage in a love relationship that was not divine and that I would do everything possible to manifest it.

It was right then when I realized that there were many things in my life that had to change, so I dedicated myself to creating a plan to heal, move forward and write a new love story.

Today I help the conscious one to be successful in Love and become a Leader of Love in the World.


My programs are designed to help you become a magnet of love and give you the tools to start loving fully and sensationally!


Are you ready for this?

  • More happiness in your life

  • Falling in love with the most important person in your life: YOU

  • New beginnings in your love life knowing exactly how and where to start

  • Conscious dating that will lead you to an unconditional love relationship

  • Learn to express love in the most beautiful way

  • Release fears, traumas and dramas that are blocking you to manifest love

  • Become the most loving person you know

  • Know exactly what you want in a relationship and have a plan to have it

  • Become a Leader of Love


Let's start creating your new love story!

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