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Manifest love. Attract the man of your dreams. Heal past wounds. Release blockages. Re-learn how to use and express love consciously. And more!!!

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About me

I was born in Venezuela and moved to Toronto 11 years ago. In 2011 I opened a blog called "A space for the soul" where I shared self-help articles.  Long short story, after getting used to sharing my thoughts openly I went even further and wrote a book. Yes, a book!! named Be the leader of your dreams. In it, I share the method that I followed to know myself and follow my true dreams. 


I have never stopped my spiritual growth. I am a Reiki Master and also I received the transmission of Divine Healing Hands. However, I identify myself as a free spirit and I don't like to be labelled by any ideology. Something that I love doing is practicing Yoga every week.

My passion is to help women to re-learn to Love. In my own experience I realized that we don’t need love because all we are is love, but we need to express it from a higher level, that’s why my main focus is teaching how to love from a place that allows you to feel freedom, joy and peace from within. A kind of love that connects you to your inner self and allows you to expand. 


As a result all the women in my program switch from feeling insecure, empty, lonely, lost and confused to fully enjoying themselves, manifesting juicy love in their life and creating massive positive impact in the world, all at the same time! Yes gorgeous, that's what happens when you express love in its most pure form!


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  • Becoming the #1 of the man of your dreams

  • New beginnings in your love life knowing exactly how and where to start

  • Consciously dating that will lead you to a sacred relationship

  • Learn how to manifest a successful relationship 

  • Releasing fears, trauma and drama and becoming free, fearless and flirty!

  • Have it all, career, finances and LOVE! 


Then let’s begin to create your new love story!

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