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Private VIP coaching

Choose from my 30 days or 90 days programs where I will dedicate myself to you and your new love story.

You will heal wounds of the past that don't allow you to move forward and manifest a Sacred Love Relationship.

You will activate the new love code.

You will receive my support and guidance to become the person you want to manifest.

We will make a plan designed only for you to manifest and start enjoying a Sacred Love Relationship.

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This is a fantastic way to start activating love in your life, and starting to pave your way to manifesting a Sacred Love Relationship.

In this Love Activation Digital Course you will receive all the necessary tools to move forward in your love life, creating a new love story, and the best, at your own pace! 

This is a wonderful opportunity to start activating Love in your life!

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About me

Hello I am Alessandra the Love Activator!

My story as the love activator started as a child, however I did not put it into practice until I went through a divorce, because it was precisely at that moment that I realized that I had never experienced a Sacred Love Relationship in my life, and at the same time I realized that I lived a lie about love.


These two truths that I had to face led me to make a decision that changed the course of my life. I decided that I would never again engage in a love relationship that was not sacred and that I would do everything possible to manifest it.

It was right then when I realized that there were many things in my life that had to change, so I dedicated myself to creating a plan to heal, move forward and write a new love story.

Today I help conscious women to activate Love in their lives and manifest a Sacred Love Relationship.


I designed the 90-day VIP program The Love Activator.

This program is designed to help you move from feeling insecure, unable to give and receive love, and having difficulty finding "the right person" to feel adorable, worthy of love, with a new sense of love and a clear vision to manifest a Relationship of Sacred Love.


There is a New Love Code and our task is to activate it and start loving in a higher way


My programs are designed to help you activate this new love code and give you the tools to start loving fully, attracting to your life not only a Sacred Love Relationship, but also wellness in all areas of your life.


Are you ready for this?

  • Activating the New Love Code

  • Falling in love with the most important person in your life: YOU

  • New beginnings in your love life knowing exactly how and where to start

  • Conscious dating that will lead you to a sacred love relationship

  • Learn to manifest and maintain a sacred love relationship

  • Release fears, trauma and drama and become free, full of love and joy!

  • Have it all, career, finances and LOVE!


Let's start creating your new love story!

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