90-day VIP Private Coaching

A 3 months journey to activate your self-confidence and power and feel Freedom to Love again!

Welcome to the beginning of your Greatest New Chapter.


A chapter of deep fulfillment, extraordinary love, and life-changing freedom.

Because that uncoupling, it wasn’t the end of your story, darling.


It was your new beginning.

I know that life after a breakup can feel rough.


It’s an everyday struggle.

It’s crippling loneliness.


You feel hopeless and afraid.

You feel self-conscious and insecure—constantly questioning your worth. 


You want your new beginning.

You want to try just one more time.


But... "what if"? 


What if you get hurt again?

What if it's "too late"?

What if it doesn't work out?

Or you're just not "good enough"? 


What if? 


And I get it.

I've been there. 

I was drowning in those same doubts, same fears, and same worries.

I was convinced that a new beginning and a new chance after divorce, just wasn't an option for me. 


I felt that same fear to love again,

And yet that same desire for something more.


Darling, I’m here as living proof that there is a life beyond this pain.There is a love beyond this loss.


After my divorce, I struggled to remember my truth and move beyond that crippling pain. I was at a point where I thought there was no way out of this. But it took my mother’s words to snap me out of that stuckness and remind me that I can and will love again!


So, just incase your mom is not around right now, let me tell you something…



And not only will you love again but you will be loved in return.


So, clean up and get ready because there is a whole other life waiting for you outside your door! 


A life of deep pleasure, fulfilled purpose, and true soul-level love. 


So, let’s get started, darling!

Your new life is waiting...

This VIP Program is for you if:

  • You recently went through a divorce or breakup

  • You are scared and feel lost to manifest a love relationship

  • You would like to experience sacred love

  • You feel like there are things you need to change about love but you don't know what or where to start

  • You have forgotten how to flirt and have fun on love dates

  • Your previous relationship wasn't really good and you don't want to make the same mistakes

  • You keep repeating the same patterns that lead to ending your relationship

  • You are scared of not being able to attract love again

  • You keep thinking about your ex


And you are ready to:



  • Activate the New Love Code

  • Falling in love with the most important person in your life: YOU

  • Express and experience a Sacred Love Relationship

  • New beginnings in your love life, knowing exactly how and where to start

  • Heal past hurts that won't let you move forward

  • Implement new techniques to express love in your life

  • Becoming a person full of happiness

  • Get over your ex with love and freedom

  • Have a healthy meal and exercise plan

  • Have it all, career, finances and love!

Imagine in 90 days ...


Activate the new love code. You will have reached a new level of love, one that teaches you what unconditional love truly means, you will be able to see love from another perspective which will allow you to align yourself with your truth and attract people who are ready for this type of love.

Heal and Move Forward. After 90 days you will have got rid of all those blocks that didn't allow you to grow in love. You will consciously say goodbye to the drama, you will release fears that avoid welcoming the person of your dreams and you will be a Love Activator.

Recognize what you really want and don't want in a relationship. You will connect with your true self and finally understand what you really want in a relationship, you will learn to value your truth and you will attract that to your life!

Be an example to others. After activating the new code of love in your life, you will be a new person, you will bring light and love to everyone around you.

Feeling loved. You will have found the greatest love of your life, the one that lives in your heart. This will allow you to express yourself from a high level of love and manifest a Sacred Love Relationship.

Being healthier and stronger. By the end of the program you will be eating healthier with a meal plan designed just for you and will be completing an exercise routine with the help of your personal trainer Joa!

3 months of Elevation

Purple Red Maintain a healthy lifestyle


First Date -

Fall in Love (with yourself)

Know your love story, understand why you wrote it that way and how you got to where you are today. Discover the truth of your being and recognize your greatness. In this phase you will be able to connect with your truth and learn to use your wonderful strength. There is so much wisdom in your love story and now it's time to release it and use it on your favour. 



Show your Light -

Be the love you wish to have

Allow that love you want to grow within you and learn to incorporate it into your life to make room for the love you want to attract.

In this phase you will learn techniques and practices of action that will help you heal wounds and traumas of the past, releasing blockages that do not allow you to attract what you want.

Purple Red Maintain a healthy lifestyle


Attract and Manifest - Manifest Love

Learn to manifest a Sacred Love Relationship using your own power.

In this phase you will learn to align yourself with what you really want and manifest it in harmony. Now is the time to have the life and love you want.

You will get:


  • 12 x 60 min private sessions

       Recorded for you to have access anytime you want!

       Value US$3,600

  • Healing Meditations

       Pre-recorded healing meditations to assist you in your empowerment journey!

       Value US$497

  • Weekly guided homework

       Including worksheets, practices, journaling, activations and more!

       Value US$1,997

  • Unlimited email access 

  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

       Value US$1,497

  • 6 x 60 min Personal Trainer 

  • Yes, you will receive personal training twice a month by one of the best personal trainers in Canada. You came to activate love and your physical body deserves it too!

       Value US$797   



Alessandra helped me to organize my ideas about my love story, thanks to her I started taking care not only of my love life but also my body and my spirituality. 

Now I know what wasn't working in my previous relationships and what type of partner I truly want to attract. I learned to completely Love myself!


After being only a few weeks in Alessandra's program I was able to let go of my ex, I now see him from a place of light.


I finally started dating again, a person with whom I feel very happy, I am so excited!


Thanks to Alessandra I am finally able to get out of my comfort zone and becoming who I really am.


I learned to put myself first and I am not afraid anymore of being specific with what I want. I learned to love myself and that allowed me to manifest my dream job. Now I am clear in what I want in a relationship.

Get the 90-day VIP Private Coaching Now!

It is my intention to help as many people as possible specially during difficult times, I am offering a discount to join my VIP Private Coaching for limited time only. 

Choose the plan that's right for you!










It's time 

to activate


in your


No more waiting,

No more wishing,

No more pretending that you are not worth this new chance.

Because you are worth the love you wish to feel again.

You are worth the confidence you want to reclaim.

You are worth the dreams you hold close to you heart. 


And this worth isn’t something you've lost, Goddess.

It's just something you've forgotten. 


It's time you remember who you really are.

It's time you never forget again. 


Let me show you how

© 2020  Alessandra Da Rocha   -   The Love Activator