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All my programas are ONLINE

I have 2 options 6 weeks coaching program and 12 weeks coaching program.

These programs are designed to help you to:

  • Heal love wounds from the past

  • Releasing limiting beliefs that don't allow you to be successful in love

  • Get clear about what you want in a love relationship

  • Fall in love with the most important person in your life: YOU

  • Become a Love Magnet

  • Manifest your ideal partner

  • And more

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I am so excited to work with you!!

With so much love,

Your Love Coach Alessandra

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Alessandra helped me organize my ideas about my love story, thanks to her I began to take care of not only my love life but also my body and my spirituality.

Now I know what was not working in my previous relationships. I learned to love myself completely.

I am in a happy relationship!


After only a few weeks on Alessandra's private program I was able to let my ex go, now I see him from a place of light.

I finally started dating again, a person with whom I feel very happy, I am so excited!


Alessandra apart from being a very affectionate girl, transmits a beautiful connection to you in a short time, for me she is my mentor (without a doubt).

She helped me reconnect with my divinity and now I feel better about myself and ready for love!