Stay with the one who treats you like this

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

The other day talking to a client, we were preparing her avatar of her ideal partner. The avatar of your ideal partner is simply describing the type of person that you think would be your ideal partner, in order to make a realistic plan to attract him into your life.

This is an extremely important practice when it comes to manifesting a love relationship in your life, otherwise you will attract people who are not in alignment with you and this can be a waste of time for both of you.

Anyway, I was with my client and she, super excited, told me all the characteristics that this guy would have.

Tall, I like tall men because I'm tall (my client said)

Also that he likes to dress well, because I am a fashion designer and I like people who dress well.

With a good sense of humor.

That he likes to travel.

I stop her and say: "Excellent, I'm sure there are many guys like this available and who are looking for someone like you, but there is something very important that is missing"

She, very confused, asked me, really? I thought I was being very explicit. What am I missing?

I said: How do you want him to treat you

At that moment a huge smile was drawn on her face and she said: Yes, you are right!

And there we got to work on this part of her avatar.

Everything that she described at the beginning is very valid and necessary to be clear, however, those are things in which we can be more flexible in the relationship, because those are things that are not really going to make the relationship better or worse.

But what can make a relationship better or worse is the way you treat each other, that is going to define whether a relationship is successful or not.

And to have the most beautiful love relationship you have ever lived, you must stay with:


Many people when they hear this get scared, because they think it is only about receiving.

That being treated like a queen is that others are less than you.

And that you don't have to do anything.

False, false and false.

To be treated like a queen, you must treat your partner like a KING.

And so you will have what I call a sacred love relationship.

Where the 7 keys to a successful love relationship are practiced:








Stay with the one who is willing to put those 7 keys into practice and treat you like a queen.

With the one who takes you by the hand and stays to overcome everything together.

Life is too short to live in a mediocre love relationship.

Love big and allow yourself to receive love as well.

And you, how would you like your partner to treat you?

Let me know in the comments, I love reading you!

Check out this video where I talk a little about the signs when he is interested in you.

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