How to be at peace after a break-up

I know, you might be saying that I am crazy for putting the word "peace" in this title, when the least that can be perceived is peace when we go through a separation.

But believe me peace comes.

Every time I go through difficult times, I don't know why but I always choose the bathroom to cry, now that I think about it, it is my favourite place to get depressed.

The thing is, when I'm there on the bathroom floor, in a flood of tears, after complaining and reproaching, I always come to a moment where I realize that everything has a reason to be.

And suddenly, I go from crying hopelessly to imagining the possible scenarios of why is that happening to me, but not thinking about my past but about my future.

I wonder where this experience is taking me? What is the lesson here? And of course I cry again, but I tell myself something great:

"I am going to learn from this, because I am not suffering in vain".

And always, but always, life ends up showing me that yes, there was certainly a lesson.

So here are 4 things I do to trust and find that Peace that I talk about so much:

1- Give yourself time to cry. Just as I have my favourite place to cry which is the bathroom, you find yours too, and stay there until you have released all your tears. Allow yourself to feel depressed. You have just gone through something difficult, it is normal for you to feel this way! Cry and let all of that out.

2- Let your imagination fly. Think about how your future will be now that you know more, that you know better and with this important lesson you got. Start visualizing the people you could help with your new knowledge of life. Visualizing a better future will allow you to believe that there are better things to live, because the truth is that there are!

3- Pay attention to your goals. Now more than ever dedicate yourself to those dreams that you had not paid attention to for a long time, what part of your life have you neglected? How is your health? Focus on yourself and achieving your goals. If you don't have goals, then that has to be your priority right now.

4- Commit to becoming a better human being. This experience shouldn't make you more cynical or selfish, on the contrary, it should make you more human and more compassionate. Devote yourself to reading personal growth books, watch inspiring videos, and kindly share your wisdom.

Good experiences give us happiness and bad experiences give us wisdom. Both are essential to achieve our inner peace.

Decide right now to be at peace and let love express itself through you, no matter the circumstances.

With love,

Love Coach Alessandra

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