3 effective practices to love without attachments

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

When we hear the phrase "falling in love" we immediately think of attachments.

However, when it comes to loving deeply, there should be no attachment.

Love is free.

I said free not derailed.

There is a very subtle difference between these two things, and that is precisely where we will understand the so famous "unconditional love".

It is a very feared subject, and at the same time so desired. Unconditional love

These are the 3 fundamental practices that I had to learn to stop being attached to others and love without ties.

1- You are your priority

I was the worst at this! Really.

My priority was others and then in the end, me.

And with that mentality I never gave importance to my life and that's why internally I felt that something was missing. Nothing was missing !! The only thing missing was for me to start focusing on myself instead of others.

When you live knowing this truth, your focus will always be you.

Anything can happen around you, but your gaze will always be fixed on the most important person in your life: YOU

That is why if you want to stop feeling attached to someone else, recognize where you are ignoring your being.

Start dedicating time to your goals and enjoy your own company.

2- Accept that you will always be fine

Aha this was another one I was horrible at!

In my mind, my ideal life was with the person I was with at the time, and this is a mistake.

We become attached to other people because we think that without them a part of us will disappear.

We believe that our life is interesting thanks to external people.

When you understand that your life is already interesting as it is, that you are already a wonderful being and that you do not need anything or anyone external to you to be well, your attachment to others dies.

People, experiences and situations are momentary, however your being will always be there for you.

3- Believe in your greatness

How many times have you caught yourself comparing yourself to others and saying things like: "wow, look what a spectacular life"

Sometimes we focus so much on others that we have a hard time seeing our own light.

I got tired of doing that, and that is why I am here asking you not to make the same mistake that I did!

Go and celebrate who you are, that being who you are is unique and special.

Start to believe in yourself, in what you have to give and I be that without any shame.

What you have no one else has.

When we believe in ourselves and show the world who we are, we are not only fulfilling our role in nature, but we are also honouring our being.

Stop looking outside when there is a fascinating world inside.

I leave you this video where I explain more about this topic.

I love reading you, leave me your comments on the video!

With love,


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