30-day VIP Coaching Program

The perfect program to learn how to conscious date, get clear on your vision of your ideal love relationship and become a magnet of love!!

Are you ready to become a love magnet and have conscious dates?

I have designed this program with 3 intentions:

1- Help you to become a love attractor

2- Teach you to have conscious dates that will lead you to a Sacred Love Relationship

3- Identify and heal what's blocking you from attracting love

You will manifest love the moment you start activating it!

This 30 Days VIP Program is for you if:

  • You've been single for a long time

  • You have countless dates, but none is really what you are looking for

  • You keep attracting the same kind of person

  • You have never experienced a Sacred Love Relationship

  • You aren't doing so great in love

  • You recently went through a divorce or breakup

  • You always attract the same type of partner

  • Deep inside you know that there is another way to love and be loved, and you really want to learn it

  • You are ready to activate love but you don't know where to start from

  • You would like to heal past love wounds

  • You are not clear who would be your ideal partner

  • You recognize the importance of learning to truly love

  • You have worked on your personal and spiritual growth, but you still don't express love freely

  • You are ready to live your life from a higher level of love

If you say yes to one or more of those statements, then this program is for you!

Imagine in 30 days

  • Becoming a magnet of love

  • Having a clear vision of what you want in a love relationship

  • Heal past wounds

  • Feeling worthy of love

  • Become comfortable and confident in your own body

  • Express your sensuality with love and freedom

  • Having conscious dates with people who are in alignment with your truth

  • Feeling confident to meet new people

  • Having a plan to attract and manifest a love relationship

In this 30 Days VIP Coaching Program you will get:

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When you allow this kind of support in your life, not only you will learn to love yourself completely and get ready to manifest a Sacred Love Relationship, but you will also see every area of your life enhance. 

The Love Activation Membership is a way to help you live a life full of love and joy. 



Alessandra helped me to organize my ideas about my love story, thanks to her I started taking care not only of my love life but also my body and my spirituality. 

Now I know what wasn't working in my previous relationships and what type of partner I truly want to attract. I learned to completely Love myself!


After being only a few weeks in Alessandra's program I was able to let go of my ex, I now see him from a place of light.


I finally started dating again, a person with whom I feel very happy, I am so excited!


Thanks to Alessandra I am finally able to get out of my comfort zone and becoming who I really am.


I learned to put myself first and I am not afraid anymore of being specific with what I want. I learned to love myself and that allowed me to manifest my dream job. Now I am clear in what I want in a relationship.


Join The 30 Days Private Coaching Now!

It is my intention to help as many people as possible specially during difficult times, I am offering a discount to join The Love Activation Membership for limited time to new members. 

Choose the plan that's right for you!







Highlights of The 30 Days VIP Coaching Program!

  • Weekly private coaching with step-by-step guidance

  • Guided meditation to help you activate love

  • Journals and workbooks to guide your love activation

  • Plan to manifest love designed just for you!

  • Weekly emails to boost your love activation

  • 25% off of all my programs


This is a one time opportunity for you to:

- Become a magnet of love

- Finally heal past love wounds that don't allow you to move forward

- Learn to have conscious dates

- Attract to you people who are in alignment with your truth

- Recognize what hasn't worked in your past relationships and preventing it from repeating

- Get support on your journey

- Have a clear vision of the kind of love you want to manifest and a perfect plan to make it happen

Love shouldn't wait, you deserve a life full of love and freedom!

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