Manifest Love Digital Course

Get access to a new level of love!

How does it feel...


To open your eyes in the morning 


Rush to check your emails, it may be a busy day today


You realize that your day is full of tasks from the beginning


You enjoy your busy life

There is always something to do


But deep inside, you feel empty


You wonder when will be the time to love again? 


When are you going to be in a love relationship?


You know that you are an expert in your field


But when is about love, well... 


You could get some help


And you really want to, you want to be in a love relationship


You want to learn to love freely, to love from a whole new level


So, how can you learn this new way to love if you are too busy?

I got you!

Here I am giving you access to all the tools you need to initiate your Love Activation!

Now imagine...

Being successful and being in love!

Getting home after a busy day and having someone to share your life with.

Having a Sacred Love Relationship, the kind of relationship you have always wanted to have!

Loving yourself completely, and enjoying your life fully.

Feeling love all around and within you!

Seeing your past mistakes with an open heart and on your way to heal them and transforming them into blessings. 

Learning to love from a whole new level!!

Welcome to the

best new chapter

of your life!

Manifest Love Digital Course is for you if:

  • You have never experienced a Sacred Love Relationship

  • You recently have been through a divorce or separation

  • You aren't doing so great in your love life

  • You always attract the same type of partner

  • You are ready to activate love but you don't know where to start from

  • You are hungry to learn real pure love

  • You would like to heal past love wounds

  • You've been single for a long time

  • You have lost your skills to flirt and get a date

  • You are not clear who would be your ideal partner

  • You would like to learn more about love and relationships

  • You recognize the importance of learning to truly love

  • You have worked on your personal and spiritual growth, but you still don't express love freely

  • You are ready to live your life from a higher level of love

Welcome to the beginning of your Greatest New Chapter!

A chapter of deep fulfillment, extraordinary love, and life-changing freedom.

Course breakdown:

Part 1

Know your love story

Understand your ideas and beliefs about love. Identify the blocks that are preventing you from attracting a Sacred Love Relationship. Get ready to change!

Part 2

Heal your love story

Now that you know your love story you can start healing what was blocking you in the past. It is time to get rid of all the things that are not serving you in your love life.

Part 3 

Create a new love story

It is time to choose again, now from a place of clarity and love! Decide what you really want to see manifested and make a plan to make it real!

How the Manifest Love Digital Course will help me?​​

  • Experience all 3 phases of  The Love Activation with transcripts for each lesson, plus gorgeously designed PDF worksheets.

  • Enhance your meditation experience with my love activation meditation audio so you can follow along easily.

  • Download the love affirmations pdf that you can use throughout each day to strengthen your love activation. 

  • This course is designed in an easy way for you to work at your own pace.

  • Get to know your love story and claim your power to change it!



Alessandra helped me to organize my ideas about my love story, thanks to her I started taking care not only of my love life but also my body and my spirituality. 

Now I know what wasn't working in my previous relationships and what type of partner I truly want to attract. I learned to completely Love myself!


After being only a few weeks in Alessandra's program I was able to let go of my ex, I now see him from a place of light.


I finally started dating again, a person with whom I feel very happy, I am so excited!


Thanks to Alessandra I am finally able to get out of my comfort zone and becoming who I really am.


I learned to put myself first and I am not afraid anymore of being specific with what I want. I learned to love myself and that allowed me to manifest my dream job. Now I am clear in what I want in a relationship.


Get access to the Manifest Love digital course!

It is my intention to help as many people as possible specially during difficult times, I am offering a discount for limited time only. 







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