It's my Birthday!

I want to celebrate it in a different way this year. That's why I decided to celebrate YOU instead! 
This is one of a time opportunity to receive 2 hours of VIP Private Coaching with me plus tons of resources to support your Love Transformation!

This Gift is for you if:


  • You recently went through a divorce or breakup

  • You are scared and feel lost to manifest a love relationship

  • You feel like there are things you need to change about love but you don't know what or where to start

  • You have countless dates, but none is really what you are looking for

  • You have forgotten how to flirt and have fun on love dates

  • You keep attracting the same kind of person

  • You keep repeating the same patterns that lead to ending your relationships

  • You would like to have an Unconditional Love Relationship

This is The Gift you Will Get:

  • 2 Hours VIP Private Coaching

       Recorded for you to have access anytime you want!

       Value US$497

  • Know your Love Story Guide

       Learn what are your beliefs about love and where you got them from.

       Identify the blocks that are not allowing you to be successful in love.

       Value US$195

  • Digital Course: Manifest The Love Relationship You Want

       Step by step on how to manifest your ideal partner

       Value US$145

  • Digital Course: Love during Covid-19

       A guide to help you date successfully in times of a pandemic!

       Value US$ 98

  • Forgiveness Prayers

       To help you clear your path towards love​

       Value US$35


  • 28 days Love Calendar

       A plan for 28 days to activate Love in your life and become a magnet of love!         Value US$45

  • $150 Voucher for your next course with me!

       You will receive $150 OFF your ​next purchase!!





Yes, I Want To Get

My $1,080 Gift on VIP Private Coaching and

Trainings Now!

Yes, I am Ready to:

  • Becoming a magnet of love

  • Having a clear vision of what you want in a love relationship

  • Heal past wounds

  • Feeling worthy of love

  • Become comfortable and confident in your own body

  • Express your sensuality with love and freedom

  • Having conscious dates with people who are in alignment with your truth

  • Feeling confident to meet new people

  • Having a plan to attract and manifest a love relationship

Yes, I Am Ready For A Love Transformation!

© 2020  Alessandra Da Rocha   -   The Love Activator