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Coaching Programs

Work with me!

Yay! I feel so honoured that you are thinking on working with me!

The first way to start serving you right away is to offer you a Activate Love Free Consultation so I can connect with you and get a clear idea of how I can help you re-create your love story. 

In this Free Consult you will walk away with a clear vision of what is not allowing you to experience love in the most sacred way. I will hold space for you so you can connect deeply to your feelings and I'll be there as a guide answering all questions you may have. 


Here is what some of my clients say about me: 

"I finally was able to let go of my ex, now I see him from a place of love and light. And I started dating again after many years of being single!! I am in love and happy!. - Geraldine

"Alessandra gave me exact guidance and steps to open myself up to a new relationship. I am so grateful with all the help and advice I got from her. I am now ready and excited to start dating again" - Ana 

This is for you if:


  • You're scared and feel somewhat lost and you may have been crying yourself to sleep lately in fear you may never find love again

  • You are having difficulty starting a new relationship

  • You have countless of dates but none were really what you were looking for

  • You have forgotten how to flirt and have fun dating 

  • You recently went through a divorce or a breakup

  • You keep attracting the same kind of man 

  • You keep repeating the same patterns that lead your relationships to end



And you are ready for:

  • Becoming the #1 of the man of your dreams

  • New beginnings in your love life knowing exactly how and where to start

  • Consciously dating that will lead you to a sacred relationship

  • Learn how to manifest a successful relationship 

  • Releasing fears, trauma and drama and becoming free, fearless and flirty!

  • Have it all, career, finances and LOVE! 



This is what you will learn in my program:


Re-learn the concept of love. I believe that we are all love, but we aren’t using love in the most sacred way. In my program my main focus is that you learn a new concept of love, one that invites you to love yourself first unconditionally, to align the truth of your soul with your emotions so you can attract someone that connects to your energy and expressing your love with joy and freedom, without drama, fear and negativity. 


My love activation formula. My signature program to heal past wounds and traumas, consciously say bye-bye to drama, release fears that keep from welcoming the man of your dreams and become a Love Activator.


To recognize what you really want and don’t want in a relationship. One thing that most women face is being completely honest and open about what they really want, for that reason we ended-up in relationships we never wanted. In my program I’ll teach you to connect to your true self and understand what you really want so you attract and only accept that. 


Freedom! Learn how to love with joy and freedom. Having fun and not making it so serious. This is your life, you are here to be free and to be loved, so be it with joy! 

Your turn now! 

You too deserve to experience love in a whole new way. 

If you are ready to re-create your love story, then I am here to help you!

Simply apply for a Free Consult and let's start a new beginning for you.